The Mars Bar


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In this flash class, cut straight to the quick of astrological Mars: it’s significations, correspondences, behavior, phases… all things Mars. Dr Jenn Zahrt, yr stalwart instructor, transmits from Seattle, the thick of her Mars/MC line. Get firehosed with the Red Beast and add new tips and tricks to working with this unruly character. Esp. useful in light of the upcoming Mars Rx in Aries. Enjoy an invitation to The Mars Bar in The Catapult to commiserate. It’s a scream!

Access to the recorded class inside the Mars Bar in the course portal is available immediately upon purchase.

This is a recorded offering with an ongoing community component.

About the Instructor

Dr. Jennifer Zahrt writes about the history, philosophy and epistemology of astrology, with a special focus on the German cultural realm. Her doctoral thesis, titled The Astrological Imaginary in Early Twentieth Century Germany (University of California, Berkeley, 2012), concerns the ways in which astrology shaped philosophy, literature and the arts during the Weimar Republic. 

Since 2007, Zahrt has worked as a professional editor. She is the Creative Director of Sophia Centre Press; and the Curator of Possibilities at Revelore Press, which she founded in 2017. Zahrt’s first book of poetry, Foil Holocrine, appeared in 2019. Learn more about Jenn at