Synastry SMASH!


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with Jenn Zahrt, PhD

PLUNGE into the astrology of relationships.

This 3-hour intensive is an intermediate/advanced crash course version of a 9-week class.

We’ll examine the nuts and bolts of one’s personal capacity for relationship, then delve into an exploration of chart comparison, covering Davison and midpoint composite charts, as well as learn how to direct charts through time using secondary progressions, transits, and more. We will also cover ethical concerns and consultation skills to prep you for reading for couples.

Prerequisites: This course assumes you have a working command of basic astrology. While you need not be trained in traditional astrological techniques, you will learn them through osmosis, as this course adopts a “traditional-informed” approach to synastry.

Timing:  This course met on Zoom on 10/10/2020.

Some fine print: You are purchasing access to the recording and the course portal area. The portal is a lightly monitored workshop space open indefinitely.

About the Instructor

Dr. Jennifer Zahrt writes about the history, philosophy and epistemology of astrology, with a special focus on the German cultural realm. Her doctoral thesis, titled The Astrological Imaginary in Early Twentieth Century Germany (University of California, Berkeley, 2012), concerns the ways in which astrology shaped philosophy, literature and the arts during the Weimar Republic. 

Since 2007, Zahrt has worked as a professional editor. She is the Creative Director of Sophia Centre Press; and the Curator of Possibilities at Revelore Press, which she founded in 2017. Zahrt’s first book of poetry, Foil Holocrine, appeared in 2019. Learn more about Jenn at