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About Us

Taking a cue from Jeff VanderMeer’s novel Annihilation, the Catapult Zone is an inverted tower, a digital tunnel of luminescence, gathering a motley crew of people collectively answering their calling, lifting the veil (ironically through digital “screens”), and mingling in a virtual playspace to explore and further their creative work in this world.

We go where your typical university professor won’t. Our webinars are not boring old rehashes of sales pitches to get you roped into some scheme.

We put the FU in fun, and make sure you come out stronger than when you go in. We collectively sharpen our secret weapons for success.

“The Catapult” began as Jenn Zahrt’s online course portal and chatroom for the first iteration of her astrology fundamentals intensive (Intensive AF) in 2018. She craved creating a space off of FB for her students to gather and share and be unsurveilled by The Powers that Lurk  (it’s so refreshing to be over there, unmonitored by Zuck and his minions? Join usssss).
In 2020, The Catapult Zone has expanded its offerings to include smaller seminars and workshops by Dr Z, as well as the incredible people featured here.
When you enroll in *any* course, you will get a live experience (usually through a Zoom meeting), and access to your course forum, as well as the general Catapult Zone course space. This means you are not only getting access to the class you sign up for, but access to a vibrant community of aligned people who share your own thirst for inquiry.
The courses you participate in will be available to you in perpetuity inside The Catapult space, and hopefully this will lead to continued discussion of the topics long after the live portion of the course is over. You may find yourself getting addicted to some of these offerings, and encountering many of the same faces in new courses, much like you would in a live school with a thriving student culture.
Our founder, Dr Z, absolutely loves and misses the feeling of sitting in a breezy university classroom with 12 to 25 students having deep conversations about life and the world through various topics (film, philosophy, literature, you name it), and so we strive as much as possible to create that vibe in the courses we teach, and host.
We hope you consider joining us in The Catapult Zone for one or more of these experiences. This is just the beginning. More instructors and courses are in the works, as we get further along!

How It Works



Register for a course, and let it inspire you to action. Live courses take place on Zoom, and all courses have a dedicated space inside The Portal, where you can view recorded content and gather with your course-mates without the bother of FB and it’s heinous algorithms or ads invading your privacy.


Permanent access

Your course content is permanently available in the course portal. Registering for ANY Catapult Zone course allows you lifetime access to the network. Return again and again, and share your ideas and experiences in concert with your course-mates as you apply what you learn.



As you accrue Catapult Zone offerings, you’ll find yourself immersed in a global network of bold thinkers, irreverent doers, and people who simply make being alive on this Earth worth it. Revel in the majesty of community at this caliber. Join us.

A glimpse inside the course portal space. Each course has its own chat area with weekly content organized according to an easy to follow format.
Still Have Questions?

Talk to one of our instructors or reach our to our staff.

Team Members

The Catapult Zone comprises an enthusiastically engaged cadre of professionals in the worlds of astrology, magic, writing, & more: 

Jenn Zahrt, PhD
Nicola Smuts-Allsop
Thea Wirsching
Laura Michetti, PhD
Andrew McLuhan
Karen Hawkwood
Dr. Al Cummins